Gatcha Gatcha! Knit Leggings!

Warm, cozy knit leggings, available on 3 layers (including tattoo layer) for all your Fall/Winter layering needs! Only 20L per play, available in 16 colors! Out now for Series 2 of the ALBERO Autumn Gatcha Festival, featuring gatcha machines from 55+ ALBERO renters and our guests. Lots of really cute, exclusive items, and so much fun. Check it out now until November 24th!

TP to the ALBERO Autumn Gatcha Festival!


This is a Fawn for Fifty Linden Friday.

Hi guys! Slowly getting back into the game, and I made a couple things for 50L this week. First, another fluffy pose pack for the awesome curvy girls (or boys – maybe?). I have wide hips and a fluffy shape and my hands are always going into my hips or belly on ‘regular’ poses. So check these out!

..And a set of exclusive FLF-only colors of my new knit leggings! This is a pre-release item, so look for the normal 16 colors to be released in my store sometime next week.

Hope you dig them. LM to This is a Fawn.


This is a Fawn @ Shoe Fair 2010

I have two Shoe Fair exclusives for you! Radio Signals of Scribble and I collaborated on a necklace, and I made a special color of my Deep V-Neck Dress that will only be available at the Shoe Fair, which runs until August 22nd, hope you can make it. There are 4 sims and a ton of amazing shoes to check out.

I can’t use a direct SLurl to my hay bale spot at Shoe Fair, but if you follow the below link, the beacon will point to where I’m at, across from House of London on the Iridium sim.

This is a Fawn @ Shoe Fair

Pose Fair 2010!

This is a Fawn made it’s debut at Pose Fair 2010 a few days ago with the Grand Opening of the Poses and Props section of the store. Pose Fair 2010 runs through the 16th, so get there fast! All these items will be moved to the main-store once the fair ends.

First up are three new sets of poses, which include a set for curvaceous, fluffy avatars, a spinning around/having fun set and a set of poses made specifically for the use of handbags(looks cool without the handbag though).

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is a Fawn has joined forces with Radio Signals of Scribble to bring you these fantastically sculpted Paper Airplane props. There are two different versions available; a one pose version or a two pose version where you can pose alongside a friend.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is a Fawn has also collaborated with Iris Miliandrovic and she’s made a few sets of poses exclusively for This is a Fawn.
Make sure to check out This is a Fawn today!
TP to This is a Fawn at Pose Fair 2010

Fifty Linden Fridays:34!

This is a Fawn is now participating in Fifty Linden Fridays every 3 weeks! RL happened and I needed to change my schedule up a bit.

This week I’m offering a pre-release of my new Racerback Tank Top in Slate. This piece has lovely pleating on the neckline, can be dressed up or down. A Spring/Summer basic! Hope you like it.

This is a Fawn – Mainstore

Panda Love

Hello 🙂
In both of these looks are several items from This is a Fawn, to show you how versatile certain pieces can be.
In one of the looks, I’m using the Sad Panda T-shirt, which is a gift for the Red Packet Hunt. So, Make sure to head on down to the main-store for this adorable shirt!
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and as always take care ❤

1st look:
Hair: [kik] – Lily(redband)(black)
Skin: [[Bunny B]] – Fumie – tone 01 – m.29
Dress: This is a Fawn – Caulfield Dress [grey plaid]
Undershirt: This is a Fawn – String Dress [white]
Collar: This is a Fawn – Peter Pan Blouse Collar [white]
Earrings: Dark Mouse – Bank’s Closed Earring – Copper
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Snazzy Ruffle Flats

2nd look:
Hair: [Shag] – La La Love Me – onyx
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY – Red Packet Hunt #11 – 3-3
Jacket: !O – Granny Made It [DARKDEPTHS]
Top: This is a Fawn – Sad Panda Tee(red packet hunt gift)
Skirt: This is a Fawn – Deep V-Neck Dress [black](bottom layer only)
Skirt band: This is a Fawn – Vintage Skirt Top [black](belt layer only-tinted a little)
Tights: This is a Fawn – Lace Leggings [chocolate]

Necklace: This is a Fawn – Hatchet Necklace [ashen](Only available at Trilogy)
Shoes: [0N] ZERO NUMBER – [0N] Wo Boots

I meet fawn #5

Hi! Today i choose This is a Fawn‘s skirt and leggings and necklace!

Hope you enjoy this post!

Thank you 🙂


Newreem Waffle



$ Newreem meets fawn’s “Hound Skirt, Lace Leggings, Corvus Necklace“

Skin – JM:Mai skin_vivian darkness (JOMAN Mai)
Hair – Kin-Liv-[BROWN] (Kin Keiko)
Jacket – BomBon/stajum/red/JK/no wappen (Tokoro Torok)
Skirt – This is a Fawn – Hound Skirt [black] (OMGWTF Barbecue)
Leggings – This is a Fawn – Lace Leggings [crimson] (OMGWTF Barbecue)

Socks – (Slow Kitchen)Innocent_lady_socks (naoppe Aichi)
Shoes – PRO_SPEC (2REAL Okelli)
Hat – SAIKIN MMOS hat BLACK WHITE (saikin Inaka)
Necklace – This is a Fawn – Corvus Necklace [gold] (OMGWTF Barbecue)
Bag – BP* gamaguchi bag (BettiePage Voyager)
Pose – Cockles Moshun (Xerras Azalee)


$ Newreem meets fawn’s “Vintage Skirt, Lace Leggings, Corvus Necklace“

Skin – [MPQ] Stevie Pale Natural nf (Elies Furse)
Hair – !lamb. Bang Bang Bob – Ink (Lamb Bellic)
Hair 2 – (epoque hair) Life Preserver – Black Tones (Vintage McMillan)
Lash – Eyelashes -10- Twiggy *REDGRAVE* (Viola Leigh)
Shirt – equus – beyond the valley of the dolls (Kitten Soup)
Skirt – This is a Fawn – Vintage Skirt [black] (OMGWTF Barbecue)
Leggings – This is a Fawn – Lace Leggings [aubergine] (OMGWTF Barbecue)

Shoes – Modd.G Emily Pumps – Red (moddishh GossipGirl)
Necklace – This is a Fawn – Corvus Necklace [bone] (OMGWTF Barbecue)
Pose – fri. (Jumah Monday)