tuesday three:05

attention internet: barb is going to fashion school in the rls.  you can play your “yay” gestures now!  and in celebration of this exciting development, i threw together some awesome geeky-hot looks using some of my favorite items i had laying around in my inv.

also, the Ira Sweater i’m wearing in the third look was previously available as a sample during my private sale.  i’ve done some more work on it, fixed some little things and made 3 new colors of it, which i will be releasing this week, along with a selection of super hot male shapes, painstakingly created by foxy dream lover elf man himself, Francois Ghost.

this is a fawn FOR MEN.  i know, you’re so excited aren’t you!  lots of men’s releases coming very very soon!!!!

in all three: HAIR: dernier cri – michelle, SKIN: curio – lovely – pure 2, SHAPE: top secret barb shape!, EARS: plastik, TATTOO: garden of ku, NECKLACE: yummy – momento locket, GLASSES: vintagewear/epoque – browline, RING: paper couture – bee ring, POSES: ks2cool

1. TOP: [part of] church of luxe – julian dress,  SKIRT: this is a fawn – vintage skirt, SOCKS: pig – knee socks mit suspenders, SHOES: adam n eve – samara

2. JACKET: dp yumyum – tweed jacket, TOP: thimbles – shoe street tank, SHORTS: whippet&buck – tartan shorts, SHOES: urban bomb unit – drunks, ICE CREAM: rc cluster – [part of] skipping stones hunt gift

3. TOP: this is a fawn – ira sweater [coming soon], NECK BOW: [part of] shai – volpe silk blouse, SKIRT: thimbles – george the gooser, SOCKS: naive – ankle socks, SHOES: kookie – phoebe

..also the Skipping Stones Hunt is amazing!  i finished it last night and.. wow, so many good items.  here’s my contribution:

Starting Point – Kunstkammer.

Skipping Stones Hunt blog & HINT LIST!


2 responses to “tuesday three:05

  1. OOOH stuff for men! \m/

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