tuesday three:04

oh fudge.  tomorrow is my birthday, so i’m procrastinating and hiding from the world in SL & PS.  lucky for you, i share!  putting these together, i was thinking about how much i like to wear outfits that have an interesting back cut or silhouette.  i mean, people are gonna check out yr rump anyway, so why not make it pretty?

in all three: HAIR: dernier cri – michelle, SKIN: curio – lovely – pure 2, SHAPE: top secret barb shape!, EARS: plastik, TATTOO: garden of ku, NECKLACE: yummy – momento locket, RING: paper couture – bee ring, POSES: PDA, esme milena, ks2cool

1. TOP: royal blue – meshington body suit, DRESS: [part of] church of luxe – julian, SHOES: armidi – dalia pump

2. TOP: [part of] thimbles – 1983 calling, PANTS: surf couture – rolled denim shorts, SHOES: armidi – dalia pump

3. TOP: ohmai – loose racerback tank, SKIRT: ty zvezda – high mini skirt, STOCKINGS: royal blue – garter socks, SHOES: armidi – dalia pump


2 responses to “tuesday three:04

  1. congratulation <333
    love your all looks!!!

  2. love ur blog! 😀 love thair too, think i mite go get some of that today :p

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