tuesday three:02

i think my alliteration would be stronger if it was “thursday three”, don’t you?  oh, maybe i’ll change it.  anyhow, it’s been a stressful past few days for me and.. well i just wanted to show some fun looks.  so, lighten up!

this hair i.. well, i’m hoping it will partner me.  it’s Tiny Bird – Girl Anachronism and I WANT IT IN MY PARTNER BOX.   make it happen, Hykova.

i’ve been spending some time in the Drowsy sim, and right now on one side of the sim there is a summer horror festival going on, which is full of.. cuteness and freebies and cheap things.  and there’s always adorable girls there.

anyway i wanted to show some of the cute stuff i picked up from Drowsy (the cheek rouge, the tees!), and i felt like putting together looks with TIGHTS this week.

in all three: HAIR: tiny bird – girl anachronism, SKIN: curio – lovely – pure 2, SHAPE: top secret barb shape!, EARS: plastik, TATTOO: garden of ku, NAILS: pididdle – black polish, CHEEKS: BP, NECKLACE: i love 13, POSES: esme milena

1. TOP [bottom]: drowsy – traffic jam tee, TOP [top]: doppleganger – last thread tee, SKIRT: this is a fawn – vintage skirt, TIGHTS: twee – childish tights, SHOES: adam n eve – samara

2. TOP: pig – ladies like flowers, SHORTS: artilleri – johanna, TIGHTS: royal blue – gradient tights, SHOES: kookie – powder puff wedge

3. TOP [bottom]: drowsy – bloody ribbon tee, DRESS [top]: fishy strawberry – pivano, TIGHTS: pig – thick lace tights, SHOES: zero number – wo boots


3 responses to “tuesday three:02

  1. middle one ❤ again!

  2. The Jewnas Brothers

    Agreed. I like the middle one the best. I also think you have a nice rack.

  3. Theodore Nacht

    Supercute, as expected. I love the twee tights.

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