Beta CHAI Nova vs. Curio Lovely

I was chosen as one of the lucky few to participate in the beta program for the new line of CHAI Nova skins by the talented Miss Launa Fauna.  I’m pretty much a one-skin kinda gal, meaning that I find a skin I love, and I stick with it for awhile.  That skin is currently Curio’s “Lovely” set in Moonbeam.  I tend to stick with the Pure makeup, because I don’t like to have heavy makeup.

I thought the easiest way for me to judge the CHAI beta skin was to pit it against my current favorite, so I took pics of both skins so I could better compare the two.

I’ve left my usual hair and tattoo on, because I want to know how the skin would look when I wear it everyday.

What do you think?




12 responses to “Beta CHAI Nova vs. Curio Lovely

  1. Francois Ghost


  2. I think every skin requires a little bit of tweaking to be flattering on a shape.
    Everyone puts things on the map in slightly different places and even 3 pixels can mean the difference between brows that take a curve nicely and brows that turn into sharp points when modified. etc etc

    • OMGWTF Barbecue

      hi launa 🙂 you mean the skin needs tweaking, or the shape should be tweaked? i try not to mod my shape, especially the face, if i don’t have to.

  3. i’m with Francois, i definately like the curio skin better…

    and i’m with you… i won’t mod my shape and even though the same curio skin looks different on both of us it’s lovely either way.

  4. She’s saying that very slight shape mods really are necessary for wearing different skins if you want to look like the same person in all of them. There is no one place for everything to go exactly on the template, so slight tweaks can make a HUGE difference without actually changing the way your shape looks, just by shifting sliders a few points. You can go from looking totally different in different skins, to looking like “you” in every one, so long as you alter your shape slightly to suit them to adjust for the different choices in the template. You would at least benefit from a different brow shaper.

    I like the Chai, but I don’t think the features suit you as well (Curio has a more turned up nose that is more “you”, to me- but that’s because I’m used to you in Curio skins). It has a more mature grown up face, whereas Curio skins tend to be very “young” (to the point where they make great ageplay skins so long as you don’t wear anything that shows the body). I prefer the Chai body, personally, but as you don’t wander around nekkid all the time…. 😉

    • OMGWTF Barbecue

      ah, i see! i don’t have much experience in editing my shape to suit different skins, but maybe i’ll give it a try.

      good points, alle. thanks for the comment 🙂

  5. Exactly what Allegory said!
    Im actually intending on making a video of shape tweaking tips.

    I liken being able to tweak a shape to being your own tailor. The dresses on the red carpet don’t fit celebrities immediately. They need to be tailored to each body. 🙂

  6. Omfg, tweak that shape! Chai skin is nice

  7. lol im with you – i never tweak my shape, no matter how nice a skin is. i chalk it up to laziness & fear of screwing things up.

    either way – the curio is much nicer on you, simply because, as is, the chai makes you look like an old lady. im sure its lovely on some girls, but it just aint you. ❤

  8. I’m lazy. I change skins regularly like people change undies and I can’t be bother to tweak shapes. Both skins are nice on you, but I think the Curio’s shading goes better with your shape.

  9. I have shapes for every skin I own, I have Chai shapes, Curio shapes, Minnu shapes..yes..I have skins I still like that old…Tulli shapes…I have big breasted shapes..medium breasted shapes..small breasted shapes..I have modelling shapes…skirt shapes…uber shirt shapes for the skirts that really make your hips look wide…I have shapes filling my inventory..and they all look like me.

    Never be afraid of a little shape change. I find every skin needs a little change to make it look more the way I want it.

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