i heart Rodarte.

Rodarte is one of my favorite names in fashion – season after season, Kate and Laura Mulleavy produce the most beautiful, inspiring pieces.  I’m in awe of how they continue to create such amazing collections that look like nothing else in the industry.  


Rodarte biege Rodarte blue


Style.com describes Rodarte’s earliest collections as including “cobwebs of lace; a skirt like a stiff, gold lamp shade; and floating watercolor frocks that reminded viewers of Leda and the Swan.”





I wanted to carry this feeling into SL and make a dress inspired by their ethereal, flowing looks.  I’ve decided to make a semi-transparent, almost ballerina-like dress.  I’m working very carefully on it as I want it to evoke the same high level of craftsmanship that the Mulleavy sisters have in their real life works.  The dress features a hammered satin bustier and a long, flowing skirt.  I hope to release this on Friday in several colors, with matching bloomers/panties to wear underneath (above I’m wearing Pididdle’s adorable Pearl Girl panties)  Let me know what you think!


This is a Fawn @ Floyd





ps – zombie home intruder/Francois sold seperately.


9 responses to “i heart Rodarte.

  1. will be yummie! waiting for the finished version:D

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  3. The Jewnas Brothers

    how dare youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! i’d wear that dress though. le chic.

  4. It’s very pretty!

  5. Eliza Ninetails

    Oh good. You made the dress I’ve been waiting on forever. Thank you!

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