Fawn Shapes, Curio Skins

the shapes i sell in my store have faces inspired by real-life runway models, but with updated and more realistic heights and proportions.  i like the unique and delicate features of a lot of the current runway models, but my personal aesthetic is to keep things curvy.

when i start working on shapes, i use Curio skins exclusively.  they’re my favorite, and i’ve found them to be a great starting point for making a beautiful shape come to life.  each shape is sold with both a regular and dress shape (for wearing system skirts), and includes a notecard with style points about each item worn in the ad/vendor, including the Curio skin, so you can duplicate the look if you so choose!

Lily Shape, based on Lily Cole.

Hair: Stein – Vanilla – Tiny Bird

Skin: Petal – Dark – June 2 – Zenia 1 – Curio

Necklace: Keys Please – Epoque

Top: Mermaid Bustier – Lily – Miseria

Skirt: Vintage Skirt – Aubergine – This is a Fawn

Coco Shape, based on Coco Rocha.

Skin:  Petal – Light – June – Raccoon 2 – Curio

Hair: Tamsin – Ebony – Lemon Pop

Necklace: Keys Please – Epoque

Dress: Hax Dress – Coral – This is a Fawn

Gemma Shape, based on Gemma Ward.

Skin: Petal – Light – June 2 – Pure 1 – Curio

Hair: Breeze – Twix – Lamb

Bra: Pearl Girl – Pididdle

Top: Last Thread Tee – Smog – Doppleganger Inc.

Skirt: Vintage Skirt – Teal – This is a Fawn

This is a Fawn @ Floyd



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