I’m such a tease.

i made a new skirt!  and i like to tease you.  i’ve been working on this high-waisted cotton skirt for the past few days.  it has a sculpted waist band and beautifully textured brown skinny leather belt.  it’s called the Vintage Skirt, after a close personal friend of mine.. whose name i’ve forgotten.

psyche!  Vintage McMillan, i ❤ u.

this is a super cute wardrobe staple.  it’ll be available in black, light grey, teal, aubergine (i love that word!) and saffron. i think i’ll release it.. on Friday?  here’s a crappy picture of it (thanks, SL!):

hair: ashley [white] – ETD

skin: june [doe 1] – Curio

tattoo: chrysanthemum – Garden of Ku

ears: animalistic [battle hardened] – plastik

necklace: love in a birdcage – I Love 13

nail polish: black – Pididdle

top: Mermaid Bustier [sapphire] – Miseria

skirt + belt: Vintage Skirt [saffron] – This is a Fawn




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