Barb does tees.

as in, like, i make them.  what were you thinking i meant?  yr gross!

look, Fawn models.  it’s me, the infamous Francois Ghost and the lovely & talented Vintage McMillan.  the hair i’m wearing is from Epoque (formerly VintageWear).. i’m not sure if it’s released yet, but look for it soon, cos damn that’s cute.

anyway, you might recognize this first entry as the First Piece of Clothing I Ever Made In Second Life.  well, i had been giving it away as a freebie and then finally i decided to redo it (the old one is above) and.. here it is, the Octopussy Tee in 3 colors:

next is a brand new creation, the Fawn Tee.  awwwww a little deer!  in some grass!  this one is currently a freebie for another 24 hours or so in my subscribo.. so HURRY.  hurry.  really.  not joking.  once i take it down, i’ll be putting it up for sale in my stores with a few new colorways of the same design.  yay, colors!

and.. last is my personal favorite, the Faux Bois Tee.  that’s french for “false wood”, and this shirt features a sick woodgrain pattern..  which i happen to to be obsessed with.  i want a woodgrain tattoo.  can someone make that?  thanks.

This is a Fawn @ Fashion Mode




3 responses to “Barb does tees.

  1. Theodore Nacht

    Those look great, BBQ! I’d been meaning to check out your shop since I ran into you at RFL, so I finally did. Hit the subscribo while I was at it, too. I’m looking forward to whatever you do next.

  2. The Jewnas Brothers

    I seriously thought thought “faux bois” meant’ “Fake boys” in English…

  3. The Jewnas Brothers

    minus thought

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