Indelible Odyssey & Fashion Mode

i’ve gone new location crazy, and i’m opening TWO new stores this weekend.  i had fun setting them both up and i hope you guys can come check them out and hang out during the openings!

first up is Indelible Odyssey, which will host the two new Mainstores for So Many Styles and Te.aR, as well as two smaller stores for [glow] Studio and This is a Fawn!  the stores are set up as little beachy-shacks with walkways over water, and the whole thing is nicely laid out with an urban feel to it.  there’s also a sort of secret underground club where DJs play an eclectic mix of hip hop, indie rock, soul, doo wop, dub, etc!  mmmm.  so good!

Grand Opening starts at 3pm and goes on for many hours with 4 DJs lined up, starting with my personal favorite music slinger/marketing guru/hat afficiando, Isaac Ceawlin.

This is a Fawn @ Indelible Odyssey

and.. the much-anticipated re-opening of Fashion Mode.  this place is beautifully built as a RL-looking mall, anchored by Artilleri, Sand Shack Surf Co. and Curio Skins, plus a heap of other really amazing stores like Vintage|Wear, RC Cluster, Pididdle, Creamshop, Tesla and Callie Cline.  there’s even a food court!  how cute.  it opens on Monday, and if yr in the states, you have the day off!  so come enter the raffle for some great prizes and check it out!

This is a Fawn @ Fashion Mode


One response to “Indelible Odyssey & Fashion Mode

  1. oh wow cool!!! congrats, maybe we’ll run into each ohter at fashion mode 🙂 im still setting up!

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